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Strategic Planning:  You know your business.  We know practical and advanced marketing technics.   Together we can partner to develop a strategic plan that is sustainable and meets your business objectives.   

Market Research:  It isn’t enough to just to have more information.  You have to be able to take the information and make decisions that will advance your business.  At Ferguson Marketing Solutions (FMS) we can collect data on consumers, competitors and the market place.  We consolidate information into actionable items, reports and presentations so you are armed will what you need to make those tough decisions a little easier.  And, we can turn those insights into actions. 

Brand Development:  Your brand is your story.  At FMS we can help you tell that story so it resonates with current and potential customers. To do so, we analyze marketing trends and peal back the layers to understand the motivations of your customers.  We then take your vision and turn it into a story that is told so beautifully, your customers will listen. 

Content Marketing:  While you focus on what you do, we will focus on what we do - create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract the type of customer you want.  Don’t let writing for your blog, website, or social media sites take you away from what you do best.